My professional career kicked off as a young trainee engineer in the aerospace division of the
ACEC de Charleroi in 1982. My assignment consisted of developing a complex computer program
to monitor the power supply and the load of a helio-synchrone satellite while it is orbiting the earth.
This was a challenging assignment for a young engineer straight from school, but I relentlessly
worked hard on the project and delivered a quality product to the satisfaction of all my supervisors.
In 1983 I joined a mining Company in Eastern Congo where I briefly worked as a maintenance
engineer supervising a team of 5 workers. It was my first supervisory assignment and I managed to
learn a lot from my subordinates and was instrumental in increasing the output of “cassiterite” (Tin
Ore) in that location from 18 to 32 tons a month. I received a special bonus for this exceptional
In 1984 I survived a tough selection process and joined Schlumberger Ltd as a field Engineer. This
was a very demanding, challenging, but also rewarding employment that started at the Schlumberger 
School of geophysics  in Port Harcourt/ Nigeria where we were 14 trainees of 13 different
nationalities. It was a firsthand experience in a really diverse and multicultural environment, where I
learned how to work and live with people of different background and habits. After the school I was
sent in the field where I worked successfully as a hydrocarbons prospection engineer Onshore and
Offshore in several Countries. I had a team of 3 workers and a set of equipment worth one million
dollars to successfully complete my work. I learned from this experience how to listen, to be patient
and to manage interfaces with difficult and demanding customers and with other contractors in order
to be successful.
In 1987, I joined ExxonMobil where I spent most of my employment career. Within the ExxonMobil
Organization I held a variety of positions, from Plant Manager to Managing Director of several
Subsidiaries.  On all my assignments with ExxonMobil I managed to perform my duties with the
highest level of integrity and professionalism, coupled with outstanding performances that
commended respect and admiration from my subordinates, peers and supervisors.
I managed to develop and perfect my leadership skills, my communication and negotiation skills and
my technical knowledge through on the job and formal training as detailed below.
All along my career with ExxonMobil, I was able to - utilize all aspects of workforce diversity in
multiple and functionalized organization settings, - create business ownership and align commitment
to organization's priorities. I was able to get the best from my teams to drive improvements in work
processes in order to meet company key objectives. In addition to my strong expertise in
infrastructure development, I possess a solid track record of successful implementation of major
business turnaround strategies and organizational changes (Zambia and Jamaica).
I have learned how to negotiate with host governments at different level and have managed to foster
a strong relationship with government officials of several Countries. A highlight is the presentation I
made in 1999 to the Zambian Parliamentary Energy Committee on the deregulation of the Oil
Industry and the future of the Indeni Refinery and the Tazama Pipeline.
In 1998, my track record of sustained outstanding performance made it possible for me to be a part
of a small number of Mobil Oil Corporation worldwide employees selected to be developed as
Global Leaders.
My formal education coupled with my overall work experience and interaction with  Senior
government officials and Senior Officers of International Organizations (World Bank, IMF)  made
me not only a knowledgeable expert of the Energy Sector, but also a solid professional capable of
leading any type of Organization (Business or other)
Capitalizing on past experience, I am currently the president and Owner of a small consulting firm
(Orely Consulting) based in Ottawa/Canada that works on investment projects, mainly in Africa.
Now and in the future, I intend to maintain the high standards I have set. I will continuously work
hard to strengthen my individual skills, to strive for team effort and group success, to optimize
contribution to corporate results of any Organization I may be involved with, and to add value to
interests of external stakeholders (Governments, communities, business partners) within prescribed
2004 – PRESENT:
Position: President and Founder
Working on diversified investment projects with a variety of Companies in North
America and Africa
2001 – 2003:
ESSO STANDARD OIL JAMAICA (An Affiliate of Exxon Mobil Corporation / downstream)
Position: General Manager (based in Kingston / Jamaica)
Accomplishments within Job description:
Planned, organized and directed  in a multi-cultural environment, all  Affiliate’s activities
in an efficient and safe manner
Formulated, proposed and implemented policies and programs to optimize the use of
Company’s physical assets, financial and human resources in order to generate a superior
return on investment.
Implemented and enforced ExxonMobil corporate and business policies and procedures.
Directed and supervised all Company departments to ensure they worked as one team to
successfully achieve affiliate’s business objectives.
Developed capital investments and expense budgets for the affiliate in line with corporate
Coached and evaluated company human resources and proposed developmental
programs for key employees. Prepared a succession plan for key managerial positions.
Implemented and enforced safety, health and environmental protection programs in line
with corporate policies.
Negotiated with host government and third parties to effectively represent ExxonMobil
interests within prescribed mandate.
Specific achievement for Jamaica: Developed the Jamaica 2002-2005 Retail Business
Plan aimed at generating USD 4 million net profit by the year 2005.
1997 – 2001:
MOBIL OIL ZAMBIA LIMITED (An Affiliate of Exxon Mobil Corporation / downstram)
Position: Managing Director (Based in Ndola / Zambia)
Accomplishments within Job description:  SAME AS ABOVE.
Specific achievement for Zambia: Over two years, turned around the company from a
loss of USD 500.000 to a net profit of USD 2 million (By reducing headcount from 105
to 65, Optimizing operations and increasing market shares and profitability)
-   Retail MBA at the ExxonMobil Center of Excellence (USA): Marketing techniques and
    Projects  economics
-   Marketing Developmental Assignment with Mobil USA in Detroit, Michigan
1995 –1997:
Position: Operations & Engineering Advisor and Trainer (based in Paris / France)
Accomplishments within Job description:
Provided technical support and expertise to 29 Affiliates of Mobil Oil across Africa.
Assisted and trained Mobil Africa engineers in the construction, maintenance and
management of Petroleum facilities.
Conducted training courses and seminars in several Mobil Africa affiliates.
Assisted six (6) Mobil Africa affiliates in obtaining the ISO9002 Quality Assurance
Conducted Due Diligence for competitive takeover in Africa (Kenya and Congo
Brazzaville) and participated in special optimization and rationalization projects like
Africa 100.
General Manager Ad Interim for 3 months. – Run all affiliate’s operations.
1987 – 1995:
MOBIL OIL CONGO – Kinshasa / DR Congo 
Several assignments as follows:
Operations and Engineering Manager
Project and Maintenance Manager
Drum Manufacturing Plant Manager : Built and Managed Plant for 18 months
Lube Oil Blending Plant Manager
1984 – 1987:
Position: Geophysical Engineer
Accomplishments within Job Description:
Performed a variety of logging operations to identify and quantify Oil reservoirs
Performed oil well logs interpretation for several customers.
Conducted through tubing perforation operations to streamline oil wells
Run productions logs to estimate production flow rate of oil wells.
Maintained effective relationship with Customers through frequent visits and technical
Ensured effective reporting of field activities and billing of performed work.
As Base Safety Officer, enforced all safety procedures (especially Driving and explosives
Maintained logging Equipment worth one millions US dollars in perfect working
1983 – 1984:
SOMINKI ZAIRE - Kalima / DR Congo (Mining Company)
Position: Project and Maintenance Engineer
-      Maintained mining equipment and other electromechanical equipments
-      Installed new mining production equipment,
-      Maintained a small hydroelectric power plant.
1982 – 1983:
Position: Junior Research Engineer:
Developed a 2000 step computer program for the stabilization of the power supply loop
of the RSJ Spot Satellite launched by The European Arianne Rocket in the mid 1980’s.
SCHLUMBERGER SCHOOL (Port Harcourt / Nigeria)
Geophysics and Telemetry applied to hydrocarbons research. Oil Reservoir Engineering.
1977 - 1982:
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering – Distinction
Major in Energy Generation (Thermal, Hydroelectric, Solar and Nuclear)
1975 – 1976:
1963 – 1975:
COLLEGE IMARA – LUBUMBASHI /DR CONGO: Elementary and High School
2007: Ontario Life License Qualification: Obtained license to be a life insurance Agent
2004: Webmaster Course at La “Cité Collégiale” of Ottawa: Website design.
2003: Behavioral interviewing Course – Miami/Florida – USA
2002: High Level Leadership course – Miami / Florida, USA
2002: Implementation and Utilization of SAP Business accounting System.
2002: Customer Service and  Service Culture Course – Miami, Florida-USA
2001: Media Management and Communication Course  - The Ammerman Institute 
Houston, TX, USA
2000: Management and Negotiation Skills Course – Harare, Zimbabwe
1999: Strategic Planning Seminar – Harare, Zimbabwe
1999: Global Leadership Course – London /UK
1998: Leadership Course: The Force of Change – Cairo, Egypt.
1997: Mobil Retail MBA: Retail and Commercial sales – Lubrication Techniques
Fairfax, VA/USA
1997: Negotiation Skills Course – Fairfax, VA/USA
1996: Petroleum industry Operations and Engineering Seminar – Melbourne, Australia
1995: Train the Trainer Course – Harare, Zimbabwe.
1995: Safety, Health and Environmental Protection Management System Course –
Harare, Zimbabwe
1995: Financial Course for non Financial Managers. Fairfax, VA/USA
1994: Projects’ Management and Engineering Course – Cairo, Egypt
1993: Exceptional Managers’ Course – Harare, Zimbabwe
1993: Security Seminar – Washington DC, USA
1992: Fuels operations and Engineering Workshop – London /UK
1990: Drums Manufacturing Training – Abidjan ,Cote d’Ivoire
1988: Fire Fighting Safety Seminar – Cairo Egypt
1987: Lubricating Oils manufacturing and Stocks Management – Cairo, Egypt
1986: Oil Reservoir Interpretation – Parma, Italy
1985: Hydrocarbons Prospection – Seismic Profiles Interpretation – Port Gentil, Gabon
2002: Obtained First Prize of Americas’ ExxonMobil Excellence Awards for Best
Affiliate’s General Manager in Credit Management.
2000: Appraised as top  ExxonMobil Employee in Africa
1997: Selected in the 1% Mobil Oil worldwide Employees to be developed as Global
Granted  ExxonMobil Special Stock Options for outstanding performance in 1994 and
every year from 1998 to 2002
Awarded Mobil Pegasus Elite Membership for outstanding marketing performance in
Perfect Bilingual: French / English.
Swahili and 4 other African languages.  Good notions of Spanish
Associations des Ingénieurs Civil de Mons (Belgium)
Board Member and Chairman of the Environment Committee of the American Chamber
of  Commerce-Jamaica (2001-2003)
Member and Chairman of Energy Sector of the Zambian Association of Manufacturers
General Manager of the “Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Appliquées” where I taught
General Electricity, Electrotechnics and Electronics between 1988 and 1994. (Benevolent 
Visited 35 countries in the world
Hobby: Golf, Tennis, Chess and Reading
Will be provided on request.