About Orely Consulting
Orely Consulting was founded in February 2004 in Ottawa by Mr Augustin Nkuba. After a
successful carreer with ExxonMobil where he was at the helm of several affiliates in Africa
and in the Americas, Mr Nkuba decided, through Orely, to put his experience and know-how
at the service of  companies, governments and international institutions to assist them
optimize their projects and developmental programs.
Orely has made a strategic decision to focus on the African Continent which is in need of
expertise and proven experts towards its march to development.
Orely is seconded by a pool of pluridisciplinary experts with several years of international
expérience in a variety of fields coupled with a deep knowledge of the African Continent.
In September 2008 Orely opned a branch in The Democratic Republic of The Congo (DRC)
in order to contribute to the reconstruction efforts following a long period of instability and
armed conflicts.
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